From German to English

After a long time with no activity and after migrating from blogspot to WordPress, I would like to announce the next change to this blog. I will try to switch from German (which is my mother language) to English blog posts, just out of two very similar reasons:

  1. Content reach
  2. Language improvement

First of, I know that there are maybe some German speaking techies that will be looking for German content that I will lose as my audience, but actually I assume that most people in IT are just looking for English content anyway, so it makes much more sense to switch to English for my posts.

Furthermore, my network of colleagues is far gone from being German only and in my job I use more English than German anyway. Actually it started to feel strange to write about coding topics in German, and lots of times I struggle translating specific words into German, so it seems to be only logical to stick with English completely.

I hope the (few) people that actually read my posts do not mind, and I hope I will in return start to post more frequently again.

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