Einer der ersten Graffitikünstler.
Bin zufällig über seine Webseite gestolpert.

„…In 1969 Wayne’s best friend Dave gave him the nickname STAYHIGH since he was smoking an ounce of marijuana a week; before long, everyone on the Grand Concourse knew him by that name. Wayne had taken a job as a messenger on Wall Street where he sold loose joints on his lunch break. During the early 70’s he began to notice names appearing on the insides of the trains and stations, TAKI 183, JOE 182, and PRAY were all inspirations for him. In 1971 he started writing STAYHIGH along the Grand Concourse, he quickly added the street number he lived on. As a messenger he could hit the trains on the way to work and back, as well as during the day when he had to make deliveries. ….“

TAKI 183

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